Board Expense Form – Use this Excel form when claiming expenses with the WCDSB.

Dependant Care Form – For use to claim reimbursement for child-care related expenses while tending to OECTA Waterloo unit business.

Extra Inclement Weather Supervision Tracking Page – This sheet helps teachers track any extra supervision (above 80 minutes) asked of them each week only due to Inclement Weather. Qualifying supervision can occur before school, during morning recess, one of three lunch blocks, afternoon recess, or after school. Teachers should record the extra time they have been asked to complete and indicate whether or not the equivalent time was repaid by the end of the week.

Human Rights Project Assistance Funding Application – For use to apply to the Human Rights committee for funding for a human rights related project. Please be sure to read the criteria and complete the form carefully.

Individual Assistance Form – For use to claim partial reimbursement for attending a conference, workshop or courses. Please be sure to read the criteria carefully and attach all pertinent documentation. (Updated April 2017)

Medical Certificate – Use this form when requiring medical information for the Board. (Updated November 2016)

Mileage Form – For use to claim reimbursement for travel to and from OECTA Waterloo unit business.

Missed Planning Time Log – Use this form to log any missed planning/preparation time. Complete as soon as you can after you have missed a planning/preparation time period that was not covered by another teacher. Deliver the form to your Administrator as soon as possible.

Personal Leave Day Request Form – Use this form when applying to your principal for a personal leave day.

Resolution Submission Form – Use this form to submit resolutions to the Legislation committee for review.

Transfer Document – The entire Transfer process is documented in this package, and it includes all the forms you can complete in Microsoft Word and print out.

Transfer Document – This PDF file includes only the transfer process forms, which can be completed in Adobe Acrobat and saved or printed.