OECTA to Conduct Province-wide Strike Vote

Today, acting on the recommendation of the Provincial Bargaining Team (PBT), the Provincial Executive is unanimously calling for a province-wide, all-member strike vote, to take place on October 18 to 19. Below is some important information about why this decision has been taken and what will be required of members.

Why is OECTA taking a strike vote?

We have reached a critical moment in the bargaining process. We have been negotiating with representatives of the Government of Ontario and Catholic school boards for more than a year, with the goal of achieving a fair agreement that supports all students, educators, and families. However, the Ford Conservative government has made seemingly no effort to engage in meaningful discussions.

They have:

  • demanded significant strips that would impact working and learning conditions, professional judgement,
    compensation, and rights;
  • ignored or rejected every proposal or creative idea submitted by the PBT that would move the process
    forward; and
  • refused to have substantive conversations on a range of critical issues that impact publicly funded
    education in Ontario.

Does taking a strike vote mean that we will take strike action?

No – taking a strike vote does not necessarily mean the Association will go on strike or take any other form of job action. A strike vote is a crucial tool in the bargaining process, and a required step under the Ontario Labour Relations Act before any legal strike action can be taken.

A strong strike vote mandate will enable the PBT to proceed in negotiations, knowing they have the full
confidence of the membership. And it will send a clear message to the Ford Conservative government that Catholic teachers are united in solidarity, and prepared to do whatever is necessary to stand together to protect
and build on the success of Ontario’s publicly funded education system.

What are the next steps?

The strike vote will be held over a 24-hour period, from noon on Wednesday, October 18, until noon on Thursday, October 19. Members will be able to cast votes electronically or by telephone.

Over the coming days and weeks, you will receive important communications from your local unit about upcoming rallies and information sessions that will be held across the province. You will also receive information from Provincial Office about how to engage in the voting process.

It is imperative that you continue to regularly check your personal email address for important updates, and please encourage your fellow Catholic teachers to do the same.

If you know of any Catholic teachers who are not receiving email updates from OECTA Provincial Office, please encourage them to visit to register their personal email address.

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