Important Updates

Welcome to the new Waterloo Catholic Teachers website!

Communicating with you, hearing from you and getting the message out about the work of the teachers who educate students of the Waterloo Catholic District School Board is central to our success as your voice in this region.

Over the last year, we have achieved a great deal while still overcoming new and continuing challenges. Thanks to careful discussions with the Board, we now have an improved mechanism for sharing staffing information. We were also able to address a few issues before they could have escalated in September.

• Teachers supporting LGBTQ students through GSA clubs will now have very clear protection from the Board should their work be challenged by parents or other groups.

• We have seen improvement in how teachers are notified of absence monitoring through the Employee Attendance Support Program (where your attendance is questioned after 9 absences).

• Violence continues to be a challenge. Due to certain events last year, we are now pressing the Board for clear protocols on teacher responsibilities when encountering a violent situation.

• We still believe there are solutions to the “no-fill” problem that will not impact the workload of teachers. We will continue to press the Board on this matter.

• While much has been achieved with respect to the rights of teachers on parental and maternity leave, some outlying issues are still a cause for concern. We are actively pursuing protections through the arbitration process.

Another challenge we will likely face is the new Ontario Government’s view on what our education system should encompass. Though poorly informed, the PC party has acted decisively. In response, we must keep our united voice heard. I wish to echo the voice of our president and invite all members to participate in the work of your Unit.

The Association, over its 75-year history, has been instrumental in shaping the curriculum and conditions under which we teach and work. It is clear there will be new challenges which will undoubtedly affect our working conditions. Beginning, mid-career, and senior educators alike have much to offer. Each of one of us brings varying perspectives that can enhance the work of our unit and association.


David Geraghty

Vice-President, Secondary Unit