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Here at Waterloo Catholic Teachers we understand that not everyone shares our view of education. We cannot ignore other opinions and we are not giving credit to these articles. We believe that it is important to be aware of what is being said about teachers like you, your classrooms, and the programs you provide.
We set up this section of the website for you to see how teachers and schoolboards are sometimes portrayed in the media. Take it all with a grain of salt! All political parties have their media favourites and the Conservatives have always used newspapers like the Toronto Sun to spread their message. We want to offer as much information as possible as we delve further into murky water!

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BLIZZARD: Doug Ford aims to make full-day kindergarten more affordable

Deep breaths, everyone.


Premier Doug Ford is not – I repeat NOT – going to slash your babysitting, aka full-day kindergarten (FDK).

That was a certainty even before Education Minister Lisa Thompson’s statement late Friday that the government was, “absolutely committed to full day learning for four and five year olds across the province.”

LILLEY: When it comes to education, we keep paying more but getting less

What if you were paying more than double the price for a product or service than you used to but the product or service just didn’t deliver the way it used to, the quality wasn’t there. Would you keep paying?

That is what we are being asked to do when it comes to education in this province.

Over the course of the Liberal years in power, spending on education more than doubled, the number of teachers went up even as enrollment dropped significantly, and test scores declined.