Individual Assistance

Individual Professional Development Assistance will be granted to any member of OECTA – Waterloo Unit for up to 75% of the registration fee for conferences, workshops and courses according to the established criteria and procedures subject to the Yearly Budget Allotment.

1. The maximum assistance shall be $200.00 (Canadian) over a two (2) year period for each OECTA member for Individual Professional Assistance.
2. Applications must be for individual attendance at a conference/workshop/course.
3. Conference/Workshop/Course must be for the teacher’s own professional development.
4. The National Coaching Certification Program will not be funded.

1. a. Applications will be processed on the 3rd Monday in October and February and the 2nd Monday in June of each year. Payment will be made subsequently.
b. There will be an equitable distribution of monies available for each application date.
c. Unused monies in any application period will be carried forward and split equitably between the remaining time period(s) in the budget year.
d. Applications must be received in the OECTA Office no later than 30 days after the first school day following the workshop / conference.
2. a. The following three items must be submitted at the same time:
iii.BROCHURE/CONFERENCE/COURSE OUTLINE identifying the registration fee.
b. NO FUNDING WILL BE GRANTED UNTIL ALL THREE ITEMS ARE RECEIVED and you have attended the conference, workshop or course. Forward all of the above in a sealed envelope to the P. D. Committee, c/o Waterloo Unit – OECTA Office.

Individual Assistance Calculation

Upon receipt of all required documents (see 2. a. above) the PD Committee will calculate the Individual Assistance in the following manner:
– registration fee x % determined by the PD Committee based on available funds (up to 75% to a maximum of $200.00 (as per policy statement above))

The PD Committee will calculate the amount of Individual Assistance based on the registration fee.

Download the Individual Assistance form