Frequently Asked Questions – Occasional

Yes. They accumulate 1.1 days for each month in their contract. This time is credited to them at the beginning of their contract. For example, if the contract starts November 1 and finishes at the end of June, they accumulate 8.8 days. The accumulated days can be carried forward to another LTO within the same school year.

If an OT in the first 14 days of a CDO works for half a day and is absent for the other half of the day, this does not break the continuity, for purposes of being paid on the grid.

An employee on a maternity leave may not be disadvantaged for taking the leave, so, no, an Occasional Teacher that has secured a place on the LTO roster, does not lose their place because of a maternity leave.

1. If a teacher’s absence is known to be greater than 2 days in length, the teacher should make their extended absence known to the Principal and Anne Vair will give the school Principal permission to pick and assign the occasional teacher of their choice for the assignment.
2. The Lead Secretary/Admin. Assistant, who takes a lead role with SmartFind at the school, will e-mail Anne Vair for permission for the school to pick the occasional teacher of their choice.
3. Anne Vair will then send an e-mail back, indicating that HR approves for the school to pick the occasional teacher.
4. The Administrator or Lead Secretary/Admin. Assistant will then contact the occasional teacher directly and will make arrangements for the assignment.
5. Once the occasional teacher is chosen (someone who is qualified in the subject area), the Lead Secretary/Admin. Assistant will enter the job into SmartFind with the occasional teacher as pre-arranged for the assignment.
6. Teachers are not able to pick or pre-arrange the occasional teacher themselves. However, Administrators may ask the teacher for the name(s) of occasional teachers that they are familiar with who have the required qualifications. The teacher is not the person who picks the occasional teacher, or enters the pre-assignment into SmartFind.