Frequently Asked Questions – Elementary

The Collective Agreement identifies the number of minutes of planning time that is assigned to teachers and it is the principal who is responsible to schedule planning time for all teachers within their school. There is an expectation that the schedule for planning time will be honoured throughout the year including those instances when a teacher is absent and an occasional teacher has been assigned.

Through OECTA, a request has been made for Principals to consider teacher requests to switch planning times in situations like the one identified below where a switch will not affect anyone negatively in terms of planning or teaching time:

If teacher A is going on a trip for the morning only and has planning time in the morning, and teacher B is going on a trip in the afternoon and both teachers would like to switch their planning time for the day when the trip is planned.

In this instance, it is the principal’s prerogative to consider this request if both of the classroom teachers and the planning time or FSL teacher assigned to teach in both of these classes all agree to this change.

If the principal is agreeable, it is the principal’s responsibility to facilitate the switch.

If you’ve missed your planning time because another Teacher was absent and not replaced or if the principal has done something with the schedule, you should be repaid that missed planning time in a timely manner. If you are not, please call OECTA. This doesn’t include missed time because of Mass.

Document all missed planning time. Make sure that you record the date and time missed. The Board is contractually obligated to make up any missed planning time. A daily occasional teacher will be booked at a future date to reimburse teachers time owing.

Medical appointments that cannot be scheduled outside of the regular working day will not be counted as part of the 9 day threshold. There is no code for this. Teachers should code this absence using the “illness” code on SmartFind. Please ensure that you keep track of ALL medical appointments. It would be prudent to keep appointment cards or write the dates and times of medical appointments on a personal calendar for future reference.

According to APH 008, the Board states that the following temperatures (including wind chill) and actions should be followed during winter months:

-When the temperature is between -15°C and -19°C: students may remain outside for no longer than 20 minutes at a time
-When temperatures are colder than -19°C: students must remain inside