Bargaining Survey Preview

Certification Costs

Please rank the following items that relate to your salary or rate of pay.
1 - Least Important2345 - This is a strike issue
1. The board to pay full tuition cost of courses that lead to red seal certification.
2. The Board to pay for required equipment (eg. CSA-approved safety boots) as irected by the Ministry of Labour or any Board Policy.

Working Conditions

Please rank each of the following issues that relate directly to the quality of your working days.
1 - Least Important2345 - This is a strike issue
3. The board is to disclose to teachers relevant mental health concerns of students that could impact the safety of staff and students.
4. All Credit Recovery courses are to be excluded from having an impact on pupil:teacher ratio.
5. No Student Success initiative shall increase teacher workload.
6. Innovation and Learning initiatives (21 Century Learning) shall not increase teacher workload.
7. All Professional Development Days shall be under the purview of the Joint Board-Level PD Committee.
8. Limit staff meetings to one per month, for the duration of 90 minutes, with an agenda that does not include professional development initiatives.
9. Lower the number of supervision and on-call minutes (currently 1190 minutes).
10. Communications with parents, students and staff shall be limited to the board platform and not required to be completed outside of the school day.
11. Occasional Teacher coverage for all teacher absences.
12. Preparation time is solely directed by the teacher.
13. Limit the number of split level or bi-level classes, and recognize that split classes are a workload issue. In the case where a teacher has at least one or more split level classes in a semester no teacher will exceed 4 preps in that semester.
14. Eliminate Interim Reports
15. Ensure mark-reporting cycles, guidelines, and timelines are consistent between schools.
16. No school events and activities, that require the participation of teachers be scheduled around report card writing time.
17. Improve the Transfer Process: teacher transfer based on seniority.

Teacher Rights and Responsibilities

Please rank each of the following items that relate directly to your rights in the workplace.
1 - Least Important2345 - This is a strike issue
18. Access to unpaid leaves of absence should be contractually provided.
19. Long Term Leaves should not be limited to only two (2) in a teacher's career.
20. Required Professional Development to be job-embedded and to only occur during the instructional day.
21. Eliminate the EASP (Teacher Attendance Management).
22. Mandatory training from the Ministry of Education or the Board to take place only during the instructional day or on a Professional Development Day (e.g. WHMIS, Sabrina's Law, Equity and Inclusion, Safe Schools etc.).
23. Bereavement leave to include five (5) days for the loss of a child through still birth or miscarriage.
24. Change definition of bereavement leave to include aunt/uncle/niece/nephew (step).
25. Change bereavement leave to be more flexible in terms of timing of when the leave can occur.
26. Remove the need to utilize Personal Days before accessing Compassionate Leave.
27. School-level staffing Committees established at each secondary school.
28. Remove the restrictions on Personal Days attached to holidays and PA days.
29. Remove the restrictions on the use of a bereavement day in relation to the death of a student or a staff member.

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