Location : zoom and OECTA Office

  1. CALL TO ORDER: Land Acknowledgment /Prayed and Pledged
  1. ATTENDANCE: K. Perez, A. Tuka, M. Lajeunesse, R. Liska, A. Stemmler, V. Coates, C. Harrington, C. Stockie, C. Kuhn
    • Absent: J. Cowen, P. Etmanski, H. Poje-Fascinato, R. Liu

Motion: K. Perez / C. Harrington            

“That the agenda of the Social Committee of January  26, 2032 meeting be approved as received.”



Motion: A. Stemmler / M. Lajeunesse     

“ That the minutes of the Social Committee meeting of November 28, 2022 be approved as amended

5. Review of Christmas Event

  • Santa was exceptional,
    • Only small hot dog buns
    • Schedule families hourly
    • Order Santa treats in October and book Santa Suit from Holy spirit
    • More cider
    • Bring knife or scissors to open wieners
    • Vegetable peeler to sharpen sticks for roasting hot dogs
    • Better signage to get there
    • Hard hat and vest for Site Support Officer
    • Asked for any pics that were taken to be sent to the office, and also some positive quotes you may have heard……

    6.  Updates on Sporting Events:

    Volleyball Tournament

    Rockway booked for Friday April 21st

    7. Update on Family Friendly and Adult Events

    Volleyball Tournament

    Rockway booked for Friday April 21st

    •           Send out info after Family Day (team sign up sheets)
    •           Use all 3 gyms
    •           $5.00 per person or $50.00 per team – if team shows up they get $30.00 back, there will be an option to donate the remaining $20.00 to Tiny Homes Takeout
    • Costs – approx. $476.00 to rent Rockway
    • Food $1402.00
    • Need a new trophy

    Paint night

    • Marilyn
    • Booked for Friday April 14th
    • Downstairs in the OECTA Office
    • Maximum 20 participants

    Princess cinema – Free Family movie night

    • Chris
    • Need to pick a night of the week and book in advance
    • Check on-line and see what’s coming
    • Management will give us Tuesday prices and the Tuesday deal for popcorn and drink
    • April 12th is a possible date

    Inclusivity and Diversity event

    • Amy will follow-up after the Christmas Break
    • Maybe defer this to the Fall when there is a Pow Wow / smudging

    8. New Business

              Choir, Choir, Choir – tribute to Queen

    •           Unit to purchase 50 tickets for Saturday May 6th

    Motion: A. Tuka / C. Stockie        

    “That the Unit purchase 50 tickets for Choir, Choir, Choir from Centre in the Square at a cost of no more t than $50.00 per ticket.”


    10. NEXT MEETING: Wednesday March 1, 2023

    11. ADJOURNMENT: 5:11


                                  Business complete meeting adjourned

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