Monday November 29, 2021

Virtual Zoom meeting

4:30 p.m.


1.       Call to Order: Land Acknowledgement, Prayer and Pledge

2.         Consideration of Agenda:

            Motion:                       Carol Knight / Sonia Diniz

                                    “That the agenda of the Unit Executive Meeting of

                        Monday November 29, 2021 be accepted as amended.”


3          Consideration of Minutes:

  • Minutes of previous Unit Executive Meeting(s)

Motion:           Collette / Maria

                        “That the minutes of the Unit Executive Meeting of

                        Monday November 1, 2021 be accepted as  amended.”

  • Numbering incorrect. Missing #2
  • Association Rep Meeting Monday December 13, 2021 instead of 15th

5.         Association Rep Meeting December 13th Chair: Amy Brillinger Tuka

                                    January meeting Chair: Aaron Stemmler

6.         Report of Unit Executive Officers  

(a)      Report of the President – Patrick Etmanski

  • Please attend Unit Mass in person Wednesday December 1st.
  • Discussions for WCDSB trustee meetings to be live streamed. Suggested that this would  be a high cost and cause privacy issues for the school board. However, we are in favour of transparent, open to the public meetings.
  • Suggestion that Government Relations Provincial OECTA people come to our January or February UE meeting.
  • CAR Dec 13th, In person offered to everyone.
  • AGM will be in person in Toronto. Survey to fill in to register as a delegate.

(b)      Report of Treasurer – Mark Devlin

  • Bank Account- recent significant activity – Transactions
  • School lunches-$1762
  • Bursary-$526
  • Nov. 15 Fee Return-$107, 891
  • Various individual expenses-mileage, office expenses
  • Reserve Fund – some concerns and obstacles for opening the account, are being dealt with. Hopefully this account will be opened soon. Additional forms required to remove previous NFLD based account signee
  • Report of Vice President – Elementary – Simon Dallimore
  • Simon is happy to visit schools anytime. No lunches yet, but happy to go. He has visited some schools and gotten a lot of information.
  • Review notes about Failure to Fills
  • Follow up regarding St. Isidore.
  • Report of Vice President – Secondary – Dave Geraghty
  • School schedule to be changed to add an extra 5 minutes for lunch transition. Plus additional lunch supervisor is coming.
  • Public Health is a big part of the decisions, including returning to a regular semester for February. We continue to petition for this.
  • Site specific plans for completing Provincial Literacy Assessment. This caused many concerns, issues, and equity problems.
  • The 5 Fire Side chats have not really changed anything. We are pushing for “Do Something.” – Take workload issues of teachers seriously.
  • Question: Emergency Messaging regarding increase Police presence due to Community activity at St. Mary’s. Police were not at the staff meeting, so staff is relying on administration interpretation of the situation. Brings up staff and student safety. Staff feeling in a vacuum of information.
  • Report of Vice President Occasional – Jeannette Cowen  
  • After a bit of pushing, experience for occasional teachers is being recognized the same as permanent teachers.
  • Super Numerary teachers are still waiting for Contract information (sick leave, etc.) Board agreed to the end of November to ensure this is done, but there are other meetings that need to happen for this to happen. Check into LTO teachers receiving notices as well, as some have reported that they have not received this message. SNT are not on mailing lists as permanent teachers, and they are not getting information as it is needed (seniority list, etc.)
  • There is an agreement to begin paying back teachers who were on maternity leave but did not get the bump up. We would like to confirm with these teachers that they got the payout.
  • Some problems with Retired Teachers who teach occasionally and the tax level that they need applied. (Personal exemption being applied twice and being under taxed meaning owing more at tax time.)

Responses to Grievances have come back from the WCDSB. They would like us to be flexible…

7.         Labour Report: Aaron Stemmler

  • OFL meeting reflections
    • New president of local will be elected at December meeting.

8.         Committee Reports:  Written reports may be submitted for inclusion in the “Report of All.”  Minutes will be posted on website for review prior to the meeting.  Questions can be brought to liaison at this time

  • Legislation would like committees to look at resolutions for our Spring AGM, and to fill out the form.
    • Recognition meeting may be changed
    • Spiritual Committee unit mass Wed Dec 1st – St. Agnus – link will be sent out for virtually attending
    • Social Committee – Festival of Lights

                             – Christmas Horsey Rides – registration this past weekend.

  • Beginning Teachers Social – well attended, good feedback.

9.         New Business:

            Maternity Leave Workshop – Jeannette – December 9th 2021, 4:30-6:30 pm Virtually over Zoom only.

10.       Adjournment: Business is complete. Meeting is adjourned at 5:26 pm

          Next Meeting dates:

Association Rep Meeting                 

Monday December 13, 2021                        

Virtual via ZOOM only

4:30 p.m.

Unit Executive

Monday January 10, 2022

Hybrid – ZOOM / in-person

4:30 p.m.

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