OECTA Waterloo Endorses Local Candidates
As teachers in Catholic schools we have always supported progressive candidates who will champion the issues that are relevant not only to us, but to our broader community as well; candidates who will promote and improve the publicly funded Catholic education system, respect workers’ rights, and enhance the common good.

As always, we are concerned when we hear candidates and parties speaking about “finding efficiencies,” as we know that this cannot be achieved without some measure of reduction in public services and jobs. With healthcare and education being the two largest provincial expenditures, they are also often the first place people look to make cuts. While our systems are far from perfect, we want to work with a government that wants to build them up, not tear them down.

As such, and after careful consideration and a watchful eye on the local situation, the OECTA Waterloo Political Advisory Committee met on Tuesday May 29, 2018 and voted in favour of supporting,

Marjorie Knight – Cambridge

Fitzroy Vanderpool – Kitchener South Hespeler

Laura Mae Lindo – Kitchener Centre

Catherine Fife – Waterloo

Kelly Dick – Kitchener Conestoga

– the five New Democratic Party candidates in the local ridings.

The NDP have put forward a progressive platform that offers numerous suggestions to improve our education and healthcare systems, and many other areas of concern. (You can find links to all party platforms and analysis in the Members’ Area at catholicteachers.ca) Furthermore, we feel that support of these candidates will help to ensure that progressive voices are sent to Queen’s Park.

To be clear, our endorsement does not mean we are telling you how to vote. Everyone is encouraged to do their own research into candidates and party platforms and vote their conscience. We DO encourage you to VOTE.

If you are interested in volunteering for any of these candidates, you can contact them directly, or call the office and we can help you get in touch with the appropriate staff.